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American born semi-professional, very experienced in playing the London club circuit.
Captain John is indeed a fantastic guitarist who, in his time, has taught the likes of Stevie Vai and Joe Satriani a trick or two with his 'Widdly Widdly' style of playing.
As Clapton once said;
"Captain John Who?"


At the age of six Carlos Sultana picked up the guitar and very soon mastered the scales....and by seven he could flush the bathroom toilet all by himself. Since then, talented musicians have described his guitar playing as a 'relentless confusion of chords and melodies'.

As a founder member of the Glamtastics he has spent many years practicing the guitar parts and he claims to know the tunes certainly sounds like it.

More recently, audiences shout requests for Carlos to play 'Far Far Away' ......and when he does so, they know its going to be a fantastic evening of music!

1955 - Wiggy Played Bass on `Rock Around The Clock`...1958 - Wiggy sung backing vocals on `Jailhouse Rock`...1963 - Wiggy Drummed on `Summer Holiday`...1966 - Wiggy played kazzoo on `Yellow Submarine`...1974 - Wiggy modeled for the single  `The Streak`...1979 - Wiggy co-wrote `Y.M.C.A.`...2012 - Wiggy failed a lie detector test...2013 - Wiggy agreed to join the Glamtastics...Wiggy Stardust - a living legend...he is a  `StarMan`! Welcome to Wiggy our lead singer.

According to Glamtastic folklore, Eddies great great grandfather, Mr Augustus Bartholomew Cart Driver predicted that in the 21st century, one of his direct descendants would become part of a talented, popular, fun-loving & highly respected musical quintet…  In January 2012, Eddie Van-Driver blew that theory completely out of the water by becoming the latest member of the Glamtastics!  Eddie Van-Driver - a damn good chap.

Another very experienced player, specialising in pubs and gutters. Well renowned for splashing out the cash on equipment. Previous bands include Ranata Spirit, Silas, No. 2 Rock Band, Folklaw, Tuckers Torpedoes, Headcleaners, plus lots of stand in work. The newest and youngest member of the band, Luke also writes and records TV jingles in his spare time.